Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Builder and a Baker!


Cook or Bake?

I am definitely a baking girl!  Though, ever since I met the love of my life, Jacob, I have become a much better cook! :)  I love to find new recipes and try them out so that he can critique my cooking!  I am one of those people that doesn't cook for tasting my own food, but to see the response of those who try it! 

So we did our sunday grocery shopping and I decided to buy the ingredients we ran out of to make cookies and I turn around to see him tryin to decide which brownies he is going to buy!

We get home...time to BAKE!

As I gathered all of my ingredients I realized I no longer had a mixer because it overheated a couple of months ago. Well Jacob comes to the rescue saying, "I was too lazy to throw the mixers away and I have a brilliant idea."  

Next thing I see is...

Well you can take a look... 

A builder and a baker ;-)

They turned out perfect!!

They didn't last very long in this household. Although, I did ask for Jacob to make me a small bowl of ice cream with a brownie and this was what he brought to me...

HAHAHA! I'm on a diet. 
I will admit, I should have eaten that instead of the big bowl he made me after his silly joke!

So, next time you don't have a mixer, just grab for the electric drill ;-)


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