Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Mcdonalds for Valentines Day?

Hey guys!!

So I was on my way to work today, which by the way is a BEAUTIFUL day, and I heard something interesting on the radio. 
In one sentence, I heard the words: valentines day, special, McDonald's. 

Without hesitation I instantly google these words on my iphone. There it was!!


So of course I click on it!!! In big bold letters...

What to get your sweetie this Valentine's Day? Reservations at McDonald's

Lemme just say this...Mcdonalds, you are brilliant!

"One of the 53 Caspers Co. McDonald's franchises in the Tampa Bay area, this location will be transformed on Friday into a sit-down restaurant, complete with LED candles, tabletop flowers and counter employees retrained as waiters offering table service and refills. They are accepting phone reservations, the first 10 of which will receive complimentary roses."

At first I was like, really? Mcdonalds on valentines day?  But then as I kept reading, I came across this quote,

"She has three kids and she thought it would be a cool thing for them. Maybe for them it's a first Valentine's Day, and they can't afford to go to a lot of places. There a misconception that it has to be romantic. It's about showing someone you love them."

As silly as this article may seem to some, it really shows the true meaning of valentines day!

It's not about jewelry, chocolates, roses and being "taken". Its a day to express your love for people in your life.  Money  and things will come and go, but love is what matters most.  I think that if we all take this day to put others first and love them, it can be the start to making every day like valentines day!  So no matter what you have planned, something extravagant or nothing at all, remember the TRUE meaning of this day! <3


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