Monday, February 17, 2014


So I can finally post my little gift for my man!  I still don't think mine even comes close to how creative, unique and wonderful his was!

CLICK this link if you haven't seen it yet --> MY LIFE SIZE GIFT

So this is the gift I put together for Jacob: 

To break it down for you...

This is the small box on the right. 

I bought this small round box from joanns. From what i remember, it was around $2. I went back a couple of weeks later and found these glitter sticky letters on sale that I stuck to the top. Then, about 3 days before valentines day, I bought some sour gummy worms from publix to fill the box.

Here is a close up of the jar on the left:

Around the holidays I did a gift for my family and friends using mason jars. I found these at tj maxx for pretty cheap. I had some stickers I bought on sale from joanns that I put on each side of the jar. Then, I filled it with Swedish fish candies that I purchased from publix. 

The fishing lure is definitely my favorite part of this gift.

I was browsing Pinterest one day and came across this customizable fishing lure from a company on etsy. I instantly thought, GOTTA HAVE IT! So I ordered it and requested for it to say I'M HOOKED ON YOU and the date we met!  I thought it turned out great!! Apparently, you can actually fish with it...and who knows, it's so cute you may start catchin lots of fish ;) 

Here is a link to their etsy store --> CandTCustomLures

Just to add in another little fun thing, I found these Dice in the beginning of January at CVS. Each side says something's a fun little game to play with your significant other ;)
Well... I hope you all liked my DIY Valentines Day Gift!  

Stay tuned! I've got more DIY blogs to come!

Remember, if you want me to blog about something specific PLEASE let me know!!


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