Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Dog sitting for my sisters girls. Such precious pups!
Sorry britt, they were only on the couch for our photo shoot ;-)
Yup...that's how we roll...

Just chillin it!

Monday, July 29, 2013

DIY Picture Frame

Well....as of June 23rd, 2013 IM TAKEN! I just adore my sweet boyfriend Jacob!  Within about 2 months, we had taken crazy amounts of photos! I couldn't wait to make something and saw this idea on Pinterest a while ago. I decided to put my own twist on it. 

I found this old picture frame at the thrift store for cheap. 

I took the picture and the glass out of it and detached the wire on the back. 

I then took sandpaper and sanded off the finish on the wood frame. After cleaning off the excess dust, I stained the frame. 

I then measured and hammered in 4 nails evenly on each side. 

I took a spool of twine and measured 4 pieces with excess hanging over the sides. One at a time I tied them in a knot onto the nail. I wasn't too fond of the silver nail showing, so I painted a small dab of off-white paint over top each nail head. 

At Joann's I bought a bag of mini clothesline and clipped the photos right on to the twine. 

Joann's always has the little $1 section in the scrapbooking area. I found some pop up pieces that said "us", "you & me", and "live life to the fullest" that I stuck on to the frame. 

Since he just moved here, I gave it to Jacob as a little gift for him to hang in his new place! It's cute but still perfect as a gift for a man ;-) 

DIY Thrift Store Shirt

So I bought a couple of shirts just in case I didn't like how the first turned out.
This is what bored, brainstorming, scissors and a thrift store TSHIRT gives you. 

Here is a picture of another Men's XL bucs TSHIRT that I made into a tank top! Lovin it!

DIY KCup Storage

Coffee! Couldn't live without it!

I finally purchased a Kuerig!!

Ok now what the heck do I do with all these K Cups?

Well I finally found the perfect solution! 
I was at the thrift store the other day and found this amazingly ugly big jar. It was white with fruit painted on it. IT WAS PERFECT!  I'm bummed I forgot to take a before picture. So anyways. I decided I would use the only can of spray paint that I own and cover up this disaster. After letting the paint dry, I took some burlap I had and glued it around the jar. Since this "keep calm & ____" quote is popular right now, I thought, "keep calm &drink coffee" so I glued some scrap booking letters to the front and after it dried, filled it with my K Cups!!
It fits perfectly next to my Keurig and makes me smile every time I go to make some coffee :-)

DIY Gift For Your Man

I love crafting and look for cute DIY "just because" gifts for my boyfriend. I've seen many "nuts about you" gifts and thought they were adorable!  I decided to create my own and leave it on his porch for when he came home from work. 

All I did was take an old jalepeno jar and cleaned the inside very good so it didn't smell bad. I then soaked it in hot soapy water for a couple of hours to help get the sticky label off. As that was soaking, I painting a couple layers of paint on the lid. I then took some scrap booking paper, cut it and folded it in half and punched a hole in the top corner. I had some leftover twine from another project and used that to tie the paper on. I decorated the label with 3D stickers I purchased on sale from Joann's and wrote "nuts about you". On the inside I wrote a cute quote from one of my favorite country songs.  Then I filled the jar with Mixed nuts and Viola!! So cute!

DIY Coffee Table Display

I've been wanting to add some color to the house for summer. This display for my living room is perfect!

I bought this mason jar at Michaels. 

Paint the inside of the mason jar with desired color and let dry over night. 
These sunflowers were on sale at Joann's. 

I found this tray at the thrift store. It was broken, but I glued it together. I then sanded it.  You can see my result after sanding in the middle. Wipe of excess dust and paint try. Let dry and finish with sealer. 
This burlap is from Michaels   
Measure, cut and Glue the Burlap to the inside bottom of tray. 

Decorate with mason jars and candle.

Makes a great centerpiece for my coffee table!

DIY Crate Display

Want to spice up your bathroom with a little organization, vintage look and romance?

 Bought 3 of these half size crates at michaels. 
Stain all three crates and let dry. 
Bought mason jars at the thrift store. Detach the lid but leave the metal on. I decided to fill mine with lavender scent bath salts and 3 pretty red roses. 

Stack crates on top of toilet lid. Fill crates with toilet paper and washcloths. 

Perfect! So fabulous!

DIY Old Tshirt Dress

Football season is right around the corner!! My boyfriend and i are so excited to go so I thought I would get creative and make a dress for the game!

I used a men's XL TSHIRT I found at the salvation army. 
Fold TSHIRT in half and place a piece of tape across the top. 
Cut anove the tap. The tape will help to cut a straight line.
Cut on the seam of the sleeve on both sleeves. 
Your shirt should look like this laying face down. 
Tie the top and bottom sleeves. 
CUTE and Ready for some football!!